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Lavin stirs up the fashion scene

The fashion houses are investing increasingly in short films
In recent years it has almost become customary for fashion houses to make short films in conjunction with their new collections . Brands such as Lanvin, Chanel and 7 for All Mankind are just a few who have invested in making short films as a form of commercials for their fashion brands. Most often are they beautifully and gracefully choreographed, but there are some fashion brands that prefer to chock and create something different from the others.

Fashion films are not always glamorous and cool
Most fashion videos showing one or more models that gracefully moves to thoroughly chosen music which I understand is to symbolize the inspiration and strength for that particular collection. A typical one is the fashion film for Topshop where the supermodel of all supermodels, Kate Moss is dancing to music in backlight. The video is nicely done but it does not show off the clothes so much as it gives a better more sense of how the collection should be perceived by us, the consumers.

Skärmavbild 2013-11-15 kl. 15.08.04
Kate Moss is modeling for Topshop Spring / Summer Collection 2010

Lanvin mixes fashion with humor
Some fashion houses and brands have not invested as much or not at all into the classical fashion worlds sexiness or coolness. They seem to just want to explore and be creative. One example is the French fashion house Lanvins video for their fall / winter collection 2011-2012. By now it has become known in different medias and especially on Youtube. In the video can your see two top female models and two male models dance a quite simple choreography to that summers agony track “I know you want me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull. The models dance so rigid so you think it is embarrassing at first. You know where that small children can get away with, but not others. Not even models.

Fashion Video became a successful eyeopener
The choreography was nothing I’ve seen in some fashion video before, not even close. It was stiff, repetitive movements and uncertain movements that the models performed for the camera dressed from head to toe in the fashion house’s new collection . The clothes were neither danceable or relaxed which made it even more comical , yet fun. After viewing it more that half of it I thought it got ever better. I like that a great fashion house dare to explore and do something that could be seen as bold in this marketing manner. It has a venerable fashion house with a creative head designer Alber Elbaz focused on being their own and they have done well. The video is playful and fun which I think is pretty unusual in the sometimes stiff fashion world. So thumbs up for Lanvin because they managed to move on and get me along with many others to smile.

Now I’m going home and practicing Lanvin dance in secret to maybe dance it on a pre-party, or even at a club. So if you see a girl who does this dance out there it may be me.

Here you can check out Lanvin’s short film for their autumn / winter collection for 2011-2012 :


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