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George Jensen – a timeless classic

Classic, chic and beauty have become the essence of George Jensen. The company was founded by the man with the same name in 1904, Copenhagen. After 20 years had the interest of his great Art Nouveau silver smithery and design spread throughout the world. In 1924 he opened stores in both New York, London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin. Today, the brand is still very popular and covers everything from exclusive rings, bowls and coffee pots from both Georg Jensen’s own design but also from collaborations including one with the controversial and talented late Prince Sigvard Bernadotte.

Georg Jensen was praised for its upscale stylish design
Already during his lifetime, Georg Jensen and his silversmiden well known for their high quality. It was clean lines, fine materials and stylish crafts that mattered. When he died 1935 did The New York Herald Tribune call him “the greatest goldsmith the last 300 years” for his design prowess. After his death did Georg Jensen’s son Jørgen take over the company to bring the world-renowned company forward. He continued not only to produce his fathers great design but also brought in items from other Scandinavian designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Sigvard Bernadotte and Nina Koppel. Today it is the Danish-owned silver company of Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory and is part of the Royal Scandinavian Group.

Design who invited us to enjoy the moment
The clock above are part of the collection VIVIANNA and was designed in 1967 by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. The thought behind the design was to show that time should not limit ourselves but rather encourage us to enjoy the present. She therefore created a clock without numbers on the dial and with an open bracelet to symbolize that we should not feel that we are bound by time. Sure it’s a nice thought, but it can be hard to ignore how time reliable our world is today. To enjoy the moment is a really go through all of Georg Jensen’s products even if it is not directly stated .

Works well as baptisms , graduation or wedding gift
Now that it’s getting our so many people are going on baptism , graduation receptions and weddings. It’s not easy to buy gifts for such occasions , so my recommendation is to buy something timeless . One tip is to take a look at Georg Jensen’s products. I myself was really happy when I got a Mobius ring from at Georg Jensen in student gift . But if you prefer to give anything other than a piece of jewelry , they also have a PLEASANT bottle opener in the shape of an elephant (as you can see in the picture above ), and stylish candle holders in various forms.


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