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Charles + Ray Eames design is still very popular


Charles and his wife Ray Eames created some of the 1900s most groundbreaking and award winning furniture but they also made toys, film and various art exhibitions. Their work was groundbreaking and different when they worked together as a married couple and saw the job as a game. They went on to become some of the worlds most famous furniture designers and it’s not just me who celebrates their design and creativity. Another fan is the american rapper Ice Cube.

Great couple in design and love
Together with his wife Ray Charles created history. Initially designed as products for the U.S. Navy during World War II . After the war was over, went on to become some of the most influential figures in American design and their furniture is still popular after more than 60 years since they started their production . Some of the most famous furniture is their fiberglass chairs that La chaise (1948) and DSW (1950) that became their hallmark. Eames DSW chair by the name stands for Dining Height Side Chair Wood. The two models can still see in interior design magazines around the world, both as new construction in polypropylene and that they were made from scratch in the original material fiberglass.

Inspiring childish creativity from playful grownups
In addition to the pair of Eames designed a lot of furniture classics , so I am inspired not only their products but most of all by their way of viewing the world and themselves. Their creativity and products started by curiosity and daring to test their way . They looked at design as something that could meet a need , so that a comfortable chair can do. This view has influenced me and my way of looking at design and work – to look at design from the other direction . The furniture, product or service should be the solution to a problem, and the product must come from curiosity and passion. A bit like saying “Do what you love, love what you do” all over it.

Invest in a Eames chair
Having been fascinated by design couple and their products , so I have decided to buy some DSW chairs with valnötsben to my kitchen. Not only because I actually need new chairs but mostly because I’ve longed for my own DSW for so long. It will be wonderful to bring them home so I can can invite friends and family over for dinner without them being afraid of the chairs will break (as my first cheap chairs did). The DSW will not only be comfortable but also stylish. Something that will be modern and stylish, regardless of changing trends. Right Ice Cube?


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